National activities and special offers

Learning at Work Week takes place from 13th to 19th May. From free webinars to downloadable sessions, you will find Learning at Work Week 2024 special offers and activities you can share with colleagues here.




At AXA Climate we are dedicated to training employees on environmental issues and transforming their jobs. Working with over 200 companies worldwide and over 6 million active users, we provide white labelled content ready to be integrated into your LMS to start engaging your employees.

For Learning at Work Week we are offering until 7th June access to our specific content, designed to empower HR professionals in sustainability. These 5min videos will cover:

  • Why HR jobs are impacted by climate change
  • A day in the life of HR in 2030
  • Getting ready for new environmental skills
  • Helping your organisation decarbonise
  • Engaging employees
  • Anticipating new working conditions
  • Case studies + examples of initiatives

We also offer access to two other course, Understanding the water crises and Adapting your organisation to a changing climate

Access the content here until the 7 June




OpenLearn is the free learning platform of The Open University. Across our site you will find around 900 free courses, making it the perfect resource to support your Learning at Work Week plans.

Visit our Introduction to Learning at Work Week collection,  where you can sign up for access to our dedicated Learning at Work Week page, to receive exclusive content, including top tips sheets and employee support; and receiving invitations to upcoming free events to help you harness young talent and support your employees.

If you like what OpenLearn has to offer, we could even work with you and your business to create a bespoke offer relevant to your organisation. Until then, explore our site, discover more about the benefits of our CPD-accredited digital badges and, if you have any questions about our content, email us.

The Open University free seminar/webinar for employers

Elevate Equity: Harnessing young talent
Wednesday 22 May, 10.30 – 5.30
Attendance is free and can be in person at the OU campus or online.
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The Open University is hosting a full day of keynote speakers and panel discussions, hosted by presenter and journalist, Ben Hunte, to understand how employers can attract, develop and grow young talent. Expect insights from Gen-Z’s career expectations and values to ideas and practical advice on addressing the hybrid working and learning challenge and how to successfully grow your talent.

Gen-Z currently make up 20% of the workforce, a number that will continue to grow. But recruiting and retaining the right young talent has been challenging. Furthermore, employers around the UK are reporting on a mismatch between their requirements and young people’s skills and readiness for the workplace.

Young talent is the future of the workforce, so how can employers address these challenges, making sure they futureproof their organisations? What do Gen-Z employees expect from their employers? Can organisations provide young people with the tools to kickstart their career and harness their skills?

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 The Open University Business School

The Open University Business School has curated a range of free resources on the Learning Power theme and are running a free webinar during the week on 'Advice Traps: How to avoid them & produce more energy for change'. See below for details and how to book.

Free Webinar
Advice Traps: How to avoid them & produce more energy for change
Wednesday 15 May 2024, 11:00am - 12:00pm (BST)
Register for free via The OUBS website

Advice-giving is counter-productive when it does not produce energy for change. This session will help you to spot 'advice traps' before you fall head-first into them, demonstrating the differences between advice-giving and taking a non-directive, coaching approach. Whatever your experience of advising or being advised; whatever you'd like to get from, or do within, a coaching or mentoring role - come along and explore with us in this free webinar.

Register for free via The OUBS website


Babbel for Business is delighted to be a national partner for Learning at Work Week. 

Explore the advantages of introducing a language learning programme and find out everything you need to know in their 'Ultimate Guide to Language Learning for Companies'.

The guide is designed to help you:

  • Understand the benefits of improved language skills
  • Identify your employees specific learning needs
  • Choose the most effective learning methods for your organisation
  • Kickstart your language learning programme successfully

Get your free Language Learning Guide



Free webinars by Campaign for Learning

During Learning at Work Week, Campaign for Learning delivered three webinars. Links to the 'watch again' recordings and resources will be posted below.

Webinar: Unlock your learning power with a growth mindset!
Tuesday 14th May from 11am to 12pm
Presenter: Stacy Mann, Campaign for Learning
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Unlock your learning power and embrace a growth mindset during Learning at Work Week! Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, persist in the face of setbacks, and believe in your ability to develop new skills. With a growth mindset, every obstacle becomes a stepping stone to success. Let's cultivate a culture of continuous learning and innovation together in this one hour workshop!
You will:

  • Learn about the brain, chemicals, and hormones and how this contributes to your daily stress levels
  • Learn ways to embed mindfulness and growth mindset into your every day to regulate emotions
  •  Make small changes that have a huge impact and allow you to step into your learning power

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Webinars for parents and carers

In a special strand for parents and carers, Campaign for Learning's resident family learning expert Juliette Collier will be running two free live webinars on practical ways to teach your children about money and strategies to help children learn.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. 

Webinar 1: Learning power – great ways to get your children learning 
Tuesday 14 May from 2pm – 3pm 
For parents and carers of children aged 3-11
Presenter: Juliette Collier, Campaign for Learning
Watch again recording - coming soon!

How can you engage and enthuse children of all ages to learn at home? 
In this free webinar, you will find ideas, free resources, great websites and tips to excite children about learning and build a love of lifelong learning in your family.  
You’ll discover: 

  • How to nurture children’s natural curiosity and love of learning even when you have limited time 
  • How to use everyday resources and activities to build great learning opportunities
  • How to create spaces where children can enjoy learning 

Webinar 2:  Learning power – turn pester power into parent power 
Wednesday 15 May from 2pm – 3pm 
For parents and carers of children aged 3-11
Presenter: Juliette Collier, Campaign for Learning
Watch again recording - coming soon!  

Help your family learn to make the most of money, whilst having fun together!  
Families provide the biggest opportunity for children to see, talk and learn about money; what we do as parents really matter in helping children develop positive money habits. This webinar will give you practical tips and ideas to help your children get to grips with money. 


LifeSkills for Learning at Work Week from Family Action   

Run your own LifeSkills modules for Learning at Work Week 

LifeSkills uses a coaching-based approach to support people to focus on their individual strengths and needs, to consider their options and think differently – helping them feel more empowered and able to face challenges. There are over 30 different LifeSkills modules covering topics from becoming confident in communications skills, to goal setting and actions planning, to financial management and building your career network. 

Grants available to run LifeSkills in your workplace 

If you are based in England, Wales or the Isle of Man and are interested in running LifeSkills modules for colleagues who would benefit in your organisation, Family Action offer a small grant of £100 per each LifeSkills session delivered.  

Contact [email protected] to ask for further details or arrange training for your setting.  Training takes approximately two hours and is usually online and covers an introduction to the LifeSkills modules and administration requirements. Funding for sessions can be accessed after completion of training by the intended facilitators of the course and on signing of an SLA (Service Level Agreement). 

Please note: Family Action currently works with services in England, Wales or Isle of Man only.


Request your FREE training activity here

For this year's theme of Learning Power, Northgate Training Activities has developed a training activity called Team Leader. It's a short activity that allows you to see leadership in action and evaluate the effect on a team of different approaches.

Lasts 45 minutes + debrief
For any number of delegates (in teams of 5-6)
For face-to-face and/or virtual training
Allows teams to see leadership in action and draw critical lessons about how a leader should behave, what makes a difference and what works against effective implementation of tasks. Ideal for increased productivity and better performance back in the workplace.

Simply click here to request your copy or email [email protected]!


Higher Technical Qualifications

Get the skills you need in your workforce with Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs). These Level 4/5 qualifications have been approved against employer-developed standards for the specific technical role that they cover. Qualifications are currently available covering jobs in these sectors:

  • Digital
  • Construction
  • Healthcare & Science

And from September this year, there will be engineering, education and childcare, business, legal and financial qualifications too.

Watch this video to find out more about HTQs – and visit to find out more