Download free LAW Week branded graphics, posters, banners, virtual backgrounds and logos that you can use to promote your Learning at Work Week.

If you are promoting what you do on social media, use #LearningAtWorkWeek and #LearningPower2024

Learning at Work Week logos

The logos come in different colourways including white  and with year, with full dates, and without dates.


DownloadLogo - all colours - no dates

Download - 2024 logos - all colours and white on transparent background - with year, with full dates


 2024 icons, banners, posters, social media cards and virtual backgrounds



The 2024 Learning Power icons are each in five different colours and white on a transparent background.

Download the 2024 Learning Power icons

  • Learning Power sun
  • Power to grow wave
  • Power to engage paper plane
  • Power to connect butterflies




The 2024 banners are in square, horizontal and long format in each of the five colours, with full dates, and with year only

Download the 2024 banners


Power to connect printable butterfly origami

The printable origami sheets make butterflies when folded. There is space to write messages and can be used for deskdrops with messages about Learning at Work Week or for collecting feedback and thoughts about learning. They can be printed in a range of colours or black and white.

Download the origami butterfly sheets and instructions




The 2024 poster pack includes:

  • full posters in green and white - 4 styles
  • posters that you can add your own details too - 4 styles - both in pdf format and as png images that you can upload and use with Canva

Download the poster pack and instructions


Social media cards

The social media cards can be used on X (twitter) or Linkedin, and your own internal social media platforms. They come in five different colours.



Download the social media cards

Virtual banners for use with Teams and Zoom




Download all the virtual backgrounds


Previous icons you can use:

Our previous year's icons can also be used for your promotions. They come in five different colours including white to put on a coloured background:


Download the create the future icons:

  • Create the Future flower
  • Future fit heart
  • Think future cloud
  • Future skills star