Events around the country

It's great to showcase the great things you plan for Learning at Work Week. 

In 2022, you told us what you were planning around the country for Learning at Work Week. 

Each of our Business Support Centre teams is hosting a virtual one hour Q&A session open to all employees where they can ask questions about how and why we do what we do. Whether it is a process, a system or just putting faces to names, each team will be available so the wider business can learn more about our central functions. We're also hosting cross-site visits for our people to visit other Anabas sites to learn more about the different facilities management services we provide across our contracts.  

Library and Learning Services - Edge Hill University  

Library and Learning Services at Edge Hill University will be taking part in LAWW 2022 where we will offer our staff a wide range of workshops to join, so they can continue to be Lifelong Learners!  Staff will be able to discover more about our resources on offer, take time out to paint Peace Pebbles, work on their mindsets and lots more. Our aim is to be inclusive to all and for everyone to feel they can benefit from the opportunities we have on offer. 

Learning at Work Week is bigger and better than ever before at Channel 4. It’s not just one week, it’s two!  We listened to our people who asked for even more opportunities to grow and find out more about the organisation, with more than 40 workshops now available across ten days of learning. 

It starts from the top too, thanks to our Exec team, who are all taking time to run their own sessions, focused on how important a desire to learn was in their career progression. There’s also a big emphasis on our young learners and apprentices, ensuring they can get a full understanding of how Channel 4 works and insight into how they can contribute to the business’ success. Our ‘show and tell’ sessions profile each department and how what they do is so important to the channel. 

Making sessions accessible is crucial, so people can join wherever they’re working via our new digital platform ‘The Learning Hive’, where everyone is encouraged to take ownership of their development with all our learning materials available in one easy-to-use system. There are a whole host of hybrid events too, which allow for face-to-face interaction. 

That’s a lot to cram into two weeks, so we’ll be sure to run week-long editions at other points through the year as well. Let’s learn, baby learn! 

For Learning at Work Week, we are offering short daily inputs of learning including sharing TED talks and virtual sessions. We are re-launching our LMS to raise the profile of learning. We are involving our team in what Learning at Langstane will look like moving forwards. This includes how we can deliver learning in different and interesting ways. Our Learning at Work Week is part of a significant culture change journey. 

Aligned with the theme of Learning Uncovered, at Britvic we're connecting our mid-year performance conversations, with quality development planning and using Learning at Work Week as the perfect catalyst for our colleagues to discover, and get a taste for, the huge range of developmental opportunities, tools and resources available. We'll see the benefits in personal and professional growth, in engagement in our business, in everyone's wellbeing and ultimately the bottom line.

At Mind we will engage our shop teams in daily learning activities to promote personal growth and wellbeing. Activities will range from showcasing our amazing learning and development opportunities to sharing ways to learn to focus on yourself. We will be using a host of tools to support this including Ted talks, desk yoga and time to teach day. All focusing on how learning can have a positive effect on our wellbeing. 

It's the first time we're celebrating Learning at Work Week and we plan to highlight all of the amazing resources we offer to bring our commitment to continuous learning and development to life for all our colleagues.  We'll have a different focus each day so there will be something for everyone to get involved with along with tips and tricks of making the most out of our development opportunities.


We have a week of themed days - Developing You, Creative You, A Day in the Life, Wellbeing and Team Day. We are running face to face sessions and webinars internally as well as promoting a host of resources such as info graphics, e-learning courses, and signposting to external learning and lots more. We have guest presenters sharing their health challenges and an apprenticeship provider drop-in session. The week ends with a team event competition based around a series of minute to win it games. 

 For Verastar’s first Learning at Work Week our L&D team have created a unique theme and marketing campaign called Learn Island. We have created videos, augmented reality posters, virtual workshops for Colleagues and Managers, digital playlists and daily short learn videos, we are visiting our key sites running themed roadshows, and promoting mobile Learning, personal development, curriculums and early careers, wellbeing and competitions which will help engage our population throughout the week. 

We want to encourage our people to embrace a learning culture and explore everything we have to offer now and understand what’s coming.

DLG is embracing the Learning uncovered theme by launching 3 social media campaigns to inspire a culture of lifelong learning and encourage a growth mindset which will help set us up for success in the future. We’ll use an exciting blend of content to explore celebrating failure, using life experiences to develop our capability in work and staying relevant by developing the skills we are all likely to need in the future including data, tech and resilience. We’ll reinforce this with an internal comms campaign to encourage participation and surface our best learning content in the flow of work.  

This Learning at Work Week we are pleased to promote a culture of lifelong learning. We will be sharing year-round learning options available for all colleagues. We’ll be utilising our internal communication platforms to boost interest and engagement in our year round learning offering from qualifications, accredited learning, apprenticeships and bite size learning.  

We have a range of events for our staff taking place during LAW week. There will be a celebration of learning for all staff who have achieved a qualification during the last 2 years from basic literacy and numeracy up to Level 5/6. We are running virtual events including a webinar by QA on Level 3 Apprenticeships on Microsoft Data Essentials. Our bitesize workshops will cover delegation, time management, personal resilience and Bystander Interventions. Our e-learning provider will also provide a competition open to all staff.

 We are planning a week of online events around the theme Learning Uncovered to promote finding your superpower and discovering how learning can aid your happiness. 

The Regenda Group 

The People and Learning Team are visiting teams across the North West to showcase the learning opportunities available. They are consulting on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and their learning offer, to make sure it's in line with their Group Corporate Plan and demonstrates a commitment to valuing employees and their future with the Group. 

Sondrel is very excited to be supporting Learning at Work Week for the first time this year. We are keen to encourage and support our employees to learn and develop a variety of skills, which is why we have a wide range of both face to face and virtual content and activities for our employees to access, no matter where they are in the world. These range from technical and personal development sessions to fun quizzes, competitions, and a cultural awareness webinar so we can get to know each other and collaborate more effectively. We hope to have something for everyone.  

During Learning at Work Week, we are focusing on the theme of digital skills, and the JISC model of digital capability to support the UWE 2030 strategy. We are collaborating with many different areas of the University to support staff, and to put a spotlight on the talent that we already have, with an aim of inspiring all staff to find out more and feel digitally empowered. 

We'll be developing a blended week, including a new Learning at Work Week Playlist on our Learning Management System, a series of Masterclasses delivered by both internal and external experts and some career development coaching opportunities. We’ll be theming each day and trying to maximise the attendance by opening up invitations to both our UK and Global teams. 

This year OSB group will be celebrating Learning at Work week with daily learning challenges and a variety of training sessions from yoga to a values themed escape room. For the first time we are offering a series of podcasts called the Parent Diaries which looks at different aspects of parenting and how this connects to work.  This year our employees will be able to attend courses on UK and India Culture, mental and physical wellness as well as career and personal development sessions such as Dog Training for Humans - developing your team differently, imposter syndrome and influencing skills.  

We’re encouraging our people to get ready to learn, share and be inspired as learning is uncovered during Learning at Work Week. The focus for the week at easyJet is to discover new learning, collaboration and building relationships. Colleagues can uncover their learning potential, hidden powers and new dimensions enabling them to shape and tailor their learning. We will help them fly by empowering our people to bring their skills to the forefront by hosting sessions and building great connections!  

The Entertainer Toyshop  
We are planning to run a #LearnFest event throughout the whole week of learning at work week in May. We ran this event previously in 2018 with great success. Our business and its employees are widely spread across the UK and abroad so we host events in person at our head office in Amersham and also we stream or pre-film talks and training sessions which are then hosted on our LMS - The EnterTrainer. 

At Castle Trust Bank, we plan to bring Learning at Work Week to life by holding new activities every day of the week. It is important to ensure colleagues know they can learn new skills, take control of their own learning and that the company wants to invest in its people. Our show stopper is a team building day, where colleagues across the bank are invited to work with others they may not see day-to-day, giving them the opportunity to learn or enhance important skills such as leadership and communication. 

Diamond Light Source Ltd  

This year for Learning at Work Week, we are planning a mixture of face to face and virtual events, after running a completely virtual event for the last two years. Colleagues will be able access a range of content including financial wellbeing, language tasters, professional development sessions as well as creating company themed mosaics and taking part in a competition themed 'What makes me happy'. A great mix of work and non-work content which we hope will offer something for everyone to get involved in to celebrate [email protected]

At the Government Digital Service we will be showcasing the learning at work offer we provide. We’re committed to empowering our teams with the right tools and support to continually develop skills that will help them achieve their current and future career goals. We offer a specific learning budget, free courses, a mentoring and career coach offer and much more, all focused on supporting teams to realise our shared ambition of shaping the future of government digital services. 

The end of May 2022 will mark Equivo’s 1st birthday and with Learning at Work Week what better way to celebrate the lead up. We'll be promoting our 'share expertise' brand value with an action-packed schedule of fun and informative sessions, which will improve knowledge, introduce new skills and drive positive behaviours. Our experienced L&D team have uncovered and tapped into the expert knowledge which flows across our business and we are now ready to showcase our amazing individuals.  

Lincolnshire Police Unison Branch  

We are planning to have learning cafes at three locations across Lincolnshire at Police HQ - Grantham and Boston Police Stations which will give people the chance to do book swaps, hear about learning over a cuppa and a cake as well and to get people interested in learning again. We will also be doing a Learning at Work Week taster Origami with the great Swan Packs and learners can use these to remind them of their learning journey. 

Taking inspiration from LAW Week and Mental Health Awareness Week both taking place in May, we are running a programme of activities on the theme ‘Learn Your Way to Better Wellbeing’, offering a peers panel discussions on helpful skills and behaviours, Lunch & Learn sessions on managing personal finances and exercise/nutrition and the opportunity to try out new things such as a Bike Maintenance class and an Art for Relaxation session. We are also running a colleague Mastermind competition! 

Frontier Economics 

Frontier Economics is celebrating Learning at Work Week over the course of the rest of the year, with each of our seven European offices participating in their own local Learning at Work Week. Frontier is committed to fostering learning equally across all of our offices and we believe this approach allows us to be more inclusive and provides us with an opportunity to deliver a Learning at Work Week designed for each location, their interests and even local language. Each office will enjoy a mix of in-person and virtual learning workshops, guest speakers, skills exchanges and social activities, all designed with their input and what it is they want to learn. In addition to the planned events, a member of the Learning and Development team will be on site during their Learning at Work Week to encourage the learning atmosphere and foster cross-office relationships.

Credit Unions value our people resource highly as we know the impact we can have in improving life chances and financial resilience in our local communities. This all happens through people, so here at South Manchester Credit Union,  we have regular training days and team times to encourage us to keep learning together. We have just found out about Learning at Work Week and are celebrating by bringing in additional bespoke skills training in communication, leadership and finance so we can take the learning deeper. 

We will run a series of internally and externally delivered session through Learning at Work Week, supplemented by self learning (CPD) modules via our CPD platform. A total of approximately 20 different sessions will be available during the week, with staff given time and opportunity to participate in the events.  

Unison South West  

UNISON members in the South West will have the chance to try something new for Learning at Work Week. On Thursday 19th May we are running a day of online learning and tasters in partnership with a variety of providers. Topics on offer include crafting and upcycling, facing change, apprenticeships in finance, mindfulness and assertiveness, and Unison learning and being a ULR.  

At Changing Lives, we want to give people an opportunity to think about their career journeys, have access to some training that they have never had before, and be empowered to take steps in their own learning plans. The L&D team will be promoting interesting drop-in sessions too.  

The Grange 2016 

We provide support for adults with learning disabilities in residential and supported living services. This year is going to be all about skills and experiences the staff can teach each other and the people we support – watch this space!’ 

Here at the MCG Group, we are participating in LAWW for the first time! Our Learning and Development Team have planned a real mix of activities, each one focusing on boosting the groups attitude to learning and self development and to provide opportunities for growth. In the line up we have live online workshops, physical team building activities, plus access to courses spanning from industry related to health and wellbeing, communication and personal effectiveness. We'll be hosting our 'hotshots in the hotseat' where our very own experts share their vast experience and knowledge with all.  

At RMBI Care Company, we are planning to use the Learning Uncovered theme to launch our Menopause Policy for Learning at Work Week. We are going for accreditation to become a menopause friendly organisation and we will highlight this and what it involves. As this subject is still considered a taboo we will use the week to uncover menopause and launch our project. This is just the start of the journey for us!  

The HMPSS Insights22 Festival takes place from 9th-20th May 2022 and spans Learning at Work Week. We have a programme of over 500 exciting opportunities lined up to learn, share good practice, connect across the system and celebrate the great work we do. Insights22 events are free to attend and are hosted by, and for, staff across the Criminal Justice System, exemplifying HMPSS’s open learning culture.

Taking Care, the UK’s leading personal alarm provider, prides itself on nurturing and supporting the team of people who are responsible for providing caring (and Award Winning) customer care to it’s 85,000 alarm users. Learning is embedded throughout our culture and this year, Learning at Work Week, will be marked by a combination of high profile Guest Speakers including Sally Gunnell OBE and Justin Hughes, former Tornado pilot and Red Arrows flyer and a series of events delivered by our own team, based in Exeter and Ashburton Devon, and in Chichester, East Sussex.  

We are delighted to welcome both Sally and Justin to our LAWW event, and are equally excited to have key internal people in addition to professional coaches/mentors, who have given up their time for people to learn about subjects outside of the work arena.   This really captures the spirit of what Taking Care and Learning at Work Week is all about; where a genuine desire to be the best and learn about new skills/topics really is key to our personal and company development.

For Learning at Work Week, we’re planning to flood our organisation with learning in every possible way - with workshops, awareness sessions, communications, and webinars that will continue our work to embed a culture of learning.  We’ll focus attention on all learning from tech and role specific to wellbeing and personal development. 

We’re connecting the relaunch of `Over to You’, performance and development review conversations, with quality development planning and using LAW as the perfect catalyst. We’re hosting six Leisure Talks with external and internal experts.  Everyone will be encouraged to share a 60 second video with ‘one piece of advice’ and our leaders will share inspirational videos of their career journeys. With our partners, Lifetime, we will promote apprenticeships. Colleagues will have a chance to take part in our interactive quiz ‘What’s on Our Menu’. There will be bookable timeslots across the whole week with our Mental Health First Aiders. A massive thank you to our seven passionate volunteers across our sites at Places Leisure for making it happen!