Our People

Juliette Collier

National Director

Juliette leads on our family and community learning activities and parental engagement work in schools, as well as co-directing the Campaign with Julia. She is a powerful and passionate advocate for the use of family learning approaches in developing motivation and confidence for learning for people of all ages, and for the importance of family learning in developing different and complimentary skills and knowledge to formal education. Juliette co-ordinates our large scale research projects which aim to show the impact of family learning and parental engagement on a range of outcomes for both children and adults.

Contact Juliette: [email protected] 


Miranda Baxter

Deputy Director (Families)


Miranda joined the Campaign team in September 2023, bringing with her a passion for understanding, creating and emboldening learning cultures, particularly in family engagement contexts. Currently, she is leading innovation supported by the Fair Education Alliance. This project will enhance parental engagement to enrich the home learning environment and family outcomes. In 2024, she will lead the National Centre for Family Learning and the Family Learning Awards.  

Miranda brings 20 years' experience from the museum and gallery sector in creative, human-centred audience and programme development prioritising collaboration, inclusion and diversity.


Contact Miranda: [email protected]

Mark Corney

Senior Policy Adviser 

Mark Corney is the Senior Policy Adviser at the Campaign for Learning. He specialises in post-16 education, skills and labour market policies.

Mark has a B.sc in Economics and a M.Phil in Economics and Politics from Queen Mary College, University of London.

Contact Mark: [email protected]

Denise Wigham

Administration and Campaigns Assistant

Denise supports all of Campaign for Learning's activities including events, campaigns and programmes. She has a 20 year background of experience in finance administration and has worked for government departments, banks and within private sectors.

Denise is passionate about lifelong learning and is currently a humanities student studying philosophy, religion and ethics.

Contact Denise: [email protected]

Julia Wright

National Director

Julia leads on our policy activities and our work with employers and workplaces, as well as co-directing the Campaign with Juliette. She co-ordinates the Campaign's policy seminar and events programme and is responsible for commissioning and publishing our policy reports. Julia is passionate about using creative and collaborative approaches to building learning cultures at work and engaging people in learning. She leads on the Campaign's Learning at Work Week.

Contact Julia: [email protected]


Sarah Kean-Price

Project Manager

Sarah works as Project Manager for Campaign for Learning, bringing with her 10 years' further education experience as lecturer, course leader, SENDCO, employability lead, and union branch chair and rep, as well as time spent in social care, freelance copy writing and editing, TEFL and ESOL, and operations management.   

This practical experience is underpinned by a deep love for social and cultural analysis, and philosophical and ethical consideration; a passion for accessibility in all aspects, empowerment, and meaningful community engagement; and core values of kindness, dignity, clarity, and diligence (and a weakness for long sentences!).  She looks forward to starting a Master’s programme in Philosophy of Education in the future.

Contact Sarah: [email protected]

Stacy Mann

Senior Adviser, Families, Early Years and Childcare

Stacy Mann is a dedicated and compassionate professional with a remarkable 23-year career in working with children, young people, and families.  Her strong educational foundation laid the groundwork for her passion for understanding the dynamics within families and the developmental needs of children and young people.  Stacy’s career kicked off as a nursery nurse, progressing to assessing, teaching and mentoring.  She has been a steadfast advocate for children's rights and well-being, consistently pushing for policies and initiatives that benefit the most vulnerable members of society, specifically in the role of Early Years and Childcare Subject Specialist.  Her 23-year journey in working with children, young people, and families is a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion for making the world a better place for the next generation. Stacy’s core values include empathy, resilience, and an unrelenting commitment to the well-being of others.

Contact Stacy: [email protected]